Pickwick Village Homeowner Association Board Monthly HOA Meeting June 22, 2022

Attendance (absent members are highlighted)

President: Stacey Krum

Vice President: Katy Marquart

Treasurer: Karen Ryan

Secretary: Emily Kagey

Beautification: Mike Tykoski (via phone)

By Laws: Kurt Richter

Welcoming: Kristin Noel

Social Media: Kyle Stone


Visitors: Wesley Krum, Jacob Kagey, Jim Leddy


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.


President’s report:

  • Kristle Cortes contacted Stacey about placing a memorial bench and tree in the North Park, in memory of her mother, Gwen Kilijanczyk, a long-time Pickwick resident who recently passed away.
    • Canton Township has a program for planting trees and/or installing benches in parks in honor or memory of individuals. Kristle is pursuing this option, though there may be complications since the North Park is considered private.
    • The board is in favor of this addition to the North Park. The plan is to have the bench and tree located near the north end of the park, where they can provide shade and seating near the playscapes.



Vice President’s report:

  • No report.




  • No report.



Treasurer’s Report

  • 2022 dues have now been collected from all Pickwick houses.
  • The budget is on track. For a copy of the budget, please contact treasurer@pickwickvillage.org




  • No report.




  • South Park drainage update:
    • There is concern that installing any underground drainage may not be a long-term solution, due to the number of trees in the area that could puncture the underground system. The board discussed the option of regrading the park as a first step to see if that resolves the issue.
    • Mike contacted several companies, but has only heard back from one so far. That company’s estimate approximately $26,000. He is reaching back out to that company to ask what the cost would be for grading the park.
    • Mike will continue to reach out to companies with a focus on regrading.
  • The South Park path is due to be resealed; however, the board voted to hold off on this project until more is known about the drainage project, so that any work on drainage does not damage the fresh seal.
  • The tree at the head of the South Park path is dead. Mike plans to remove it.
  • The islands were due for mulch this summer (the board tries to alternate between mulching playscapes and mulching islands each year). He felt the cost was high, so he priced out the option of ordering mulch and spreading it himself, which resulted in substantial savings. He now in the process of process of mulching each island. As of the meeting, islands on Hartford Drive, Hartford Court, Brookshire Drive, and Trotwood have not yet been mulched. A huge thank you to Jim Leddy, who has assisted with spreading the mulch.
  • The rope ladder on the North Park playscape is torn. The board will research replacement options before the next meeting and select a replacement in July.
  • The board is in the process of obtaining a rototiller to clean up the volleyball court.
  • Kyle will send out the reminder that Canton Township requires trees (including trees in the public space between sidewalks and the road) to be trimmed to allow at least a seven-foot clearance above sidewalks.




  • Kristin will be leaving her position on the HOA board at the end of this term (August 2022). A new Welcoming representative will be needed for the board.



Social media

  • Kyle has been monitoring requests to join the Facebook group, which have continued to increase. To help prevent spamming of the group, he does not provide access if individuals do not provide the required information regarding their connection to the neighborhood.



New business

  • The board discussed reinstating a physical newsletter twice a year. The plan is to send one out with dues notice, and one each summer (this is already being done, via the flyers announcing summer activities).
  • Stacey is looking into options to add pet waste bags to the tiny libraries. She had previously placed rolls of bags in the libraries, but individuals were taking the entire roll, so she is researching alternatives that would provide a bag to those who need it without having the whole bag disappear.



Old business

  • Updates on summer activities:
    • Stacey has prepared a flyer announcing all summer activities. The board will distribute hard copies of the flyers on Monday, June 27.
    • Slow Roll (July 23)
      • The Kona Ice Truck has been reserved for the slow roll (the ice cream truck was not available)
      • Katy will order balloons for the balloon towers, and board members will plan to construct the towers the night before the event.
    • Annual Meeting, Picnic and Campout (Aug. 27)
      • The portable toilet, Kona Ice truck, bounce house and water slide have been booked for the annual picnic
      • Emily is going to call the Canton Fire Department to see if a Fire Truck can visit the picnic.
      • For food, the board agreed that Jimmy John’s subs worked well last year. Katy is going to look into what was ordered last year. Stacey and Karen will plan to go to Sam’s again for chips and beverages.
      • Katy will order popcorn for movie night.
      • The board will select a movie as we get closer to the date.
    • New sign for the Barchester Island:
      • A representative from M-D Lawn and Landscape was unable to attend this meeting. Emily will reach out to see if they can attend in July.
    • Update on roads projects
      • Jim Leddy is going to submit the deposit for the next roads project (board previously voted to apply for one small project per year).



The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


The next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on July 19, 2022, in the North Park pavilion (weather permitting).

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