Pickwick Village Homeowner Association Board Annual HOA Meeting September 15, 2020

Attendance (absent members are highlighted)

President: Stacey Krum
Vice President: Katy Marquart
Treasurer: Karen Ryan
Secretary: Emily Kagey
Beautification: Mike Tykoski
By Laws: Kurt Ricther
Welcoming: Kristin Noel
Social Media: Kyle Stone

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

New board members:

  • Mike Tykoski is be taking over the Beautification role.
  • Kurt Ricther joined the board, taking over By Laws.
  • Karen Ryan returned to the board as Treasurer.
  • Karen Willis and Jason Willis have rotated off the board. Thanks to both for their incredible service!

President’s annual report of board activities:

  • Hosted the 2019 summer Pickwick picnic, movie night and camp-out in the north park
  • Hosted the Halloween parade
  • Hosted/judged the holiday lights contest
  • Added guards to north park pavilion gutters
  • Worked to collect dues and special assessment payments
  • Collected on liens
  • Developed “contact us” magnets to go out with dues notices
  • Set up a central google voicemail box where residents can call to leave a message
  • Drafted a new welcome letter
  • Sent numerous “Welcome to the neighborhood” packages
  • Found cost-savings by switching to a new lawn/plowing company
  • Contracted with J. Averie to mulch on the six cul-de-sac islands and had them cleaned up
  • Placed new rocks and new/refreshed benches at the tiny libraries, and stained/sealed the library posts
  • Cleaned up debris, weeded and trimmed trees in the north and south parks
  • Hosted the first Pickwick Slow Roll bike parade
  • Installed a temporary 9-hole disc golf course in both parks
  • Hosted two Movie Nights in the summer

Vice President’s report:

  • No report


  • Minutes from the August meeting were approved via email.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Karen Ryan provided an update on the current budget and accounts.
  • Two houses have not yet paid their 2020 dues.
  • Board members explained the current strategy to build up the HOA’s savings for future projects, to lessen the need for special assessments and to enable the neighborhood to apply for smaller roads projects each year.


  • No report.


  • Mike has scheduled quotes for fixing the south park drainage and expects to have numbers to present at the next meeting.


  • Six Pickwick houses have been sold in 2020, and one sale is pending.
  • Kristin will be purchasing additional stamps and envelopes for welcome letters.

Social media

  • The Facebook group has grown well, up to about 200 members now, and has proven to be a good means of communication.

Old business

  • Street sign toppers.
    • Katy has received one quote for approximately $95 per sign, which is higher than the rough quote the board initially reviewed. Stacey is waiting for two additional quotes.
    • Sunflower uses the sign toppers only at the entry points to the subdivision.
  • Disc golf course
    • Board members have received positive feedback about the temporary course, which is getting good use.
    • The board discussed the number of holes needed; nine seems like too many.
    • A resident asked if homeowners could request that a hole not be placed adjacent to their property. The board agreed that would be possible. The holes can also be moved on a temporary basis; residents should contact Mike if that is necessary.
    • Another resident commented that the course makes the large open area in the north park, which does not get much use, much more useable.
    • Mike made a motion to purchase six holes for a total of approximately $1500. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

New business

  • Snow removal
    • Due to scheduling conflicts arising from COVID-related issues, J. Averie requested that board allow Kyle Zionek of Vibrant Green Lawns to take over the snow-removal portion of the contract for the 2020-2021 winter. Kyle attended the meeting and introduced himself. He has extensive experience in landscaping and managing his own crew, and handles several subdivisions in the area. The plan is that Kyle will take over for this winter only.
    • Katy made a motion to allow Kyle to handle the snow-removal portion of this year’s contract. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
  • The twisty slide in the north park is broken.
    • The board tried to replace another element of this playscape a few years ago and found that we cannot purchase individual pieces.
    • The board had the playscapes painted recently, though the paint did not stick on the slides.
    • Meeting attendees agreed that the slide needs to be repaired in some way. The discussion was tabled for further planning.
  • Halloween
    • In the interest of public health and safety, the HOA will not hold a Halloween Parade this year.
    • Residents are encouraged to get creative about handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, if they choose to do so. Some tips are below, and the board will email out more ideas.
      • Place candy in a shallow kiddie pool, on table, or in a large/flat container on the driveway.
      • Place hand sanitizer on the table where treats will be.
      • Have a driveway bonfire and place candy at the end of the driveway near the sidewalk.
      • Use individual candy/treat bags to prevent trick-or-treaters from digging through a candy dish.
      • Attach candy to small stakes and place them in the front yard for trick-or-treaters to collect.
      • Mark out six-foot increments using sidewalk chalk on your driveway or sidewalks, to help trick-or-treaters line up safely.
    • Movie nights
      • The board will host another movie night (“Coco”) in the north park on Saturday, October 10. The movie will start at 7:30.
      • Katy made a motion to purchase a projector for movie nights. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
      • Butch Richards has donated speakers, cords, etc. to the board for permanent use, as long as the board continues to host movie nights. Thank you, Butch!

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

The next is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13 in the north park pavilion (weather permitting). All are welcome to attend and get involved!

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