Pickwick Road Construction Project Update

Road construction for the 2020 Pickwick Village road project is scheduled to start August 3rd!!!
Please note that the date is subject to change based on the weather and how well construction progresses in subdivisions scheduled ahead of us.  If it changes I will let you know.   But right now it is August 3rd.
Attached is a PDF of the specific sections of road that will be under construction (Barchester almost a total redo, Pickwick at Trotwood, and Greenwood at Lilley).   
The Township had the final say on what sections are being done.  We have other sections that need attention but please remember that this is a 20-year program so we can do more projects in the coming years.
And we do not necessarily need any more special assessments.  For example, going forward we can do a $50,000 project for a 5% match of $2,500 which the Board can plan for within its current budget.
The contractor doing the work will be Great Lakes Contracting.
Any full widths of road being redone will be done on one side and then the other, so there should always be an open road.
The Township asks the following of residents that live on or near the sections of road that will be under construction:
–  Park in their drives instead of the street would be strongly encouraged during construction, or parking a good distance from the pavement improvements is always a good idea.
– They will be asked to move vehicles if they are in the way.
– Also, please ask that they have their lawn sprinkler systems turned off while work is occurring in front of their homes.  The excess water can make the work more difficult for the contractor, especially if it is filling open holes in the pavement.
Road construction will probably take 3 weeks and possibly more to complete!
If you have any questions email the board or call me at 734-981-9199 or contact the Township at 734-394-5100.
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