Meeting Minutes for November 2018

Pickwick Village Homeowner Association Board

Meeting Minutes for November 13, 2018.  Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.

Attendance (absent members are highlighted)
President: Jim Leddy
Vice President: Stacey Krum
Treasurer: Karen Willis
Secretary: Emily Kagey
Beautification: Jason Willis
By-Laws: Mike Tykoski
Welcoming: Katy Marquart
Social Media: Kyle Stone
Additional attendees: Sandra Cross
Stacey served as acting secretary in Emily’s absence,


  • Jim attended a meeting at the Summit on 10/16n regarding the Willow Creek drainage issue. A project is forthcoming, though no dates or details are available at this time.
  • Canton Township’s next “Neighborhood Know-How” event is on November 15, where Canton’s legal manager and ordinance officer will give a short presentation and answer questions for HOA board members.

Vice President

  • The Halloween parade was a great success, with a huge turnout.
  • The island at the Barchester entrance will need to be trimmed soon. Board members volunteered to complete the work.


  • Karen presented an update on the budget.
  • Bills were presented for the lockbox and insurance. Katy made a motion to pay the bills once the snow contract has been signed. The motion was seconded and passed 7-0.


  • Minutes were approved over email.


  • No report.


  • Jason has fixed the downspout on the pavilion in the north park.
  • The contract has not yet been signed for snow removal, but Jason is working with Teta to finalize everything.

Social Media

  • The new website is now moving forward, and all information has been moved from the old site to the new site.
  • Kyle is researching an option for online payment of HOA dues. Trial runs are needed, but the option can be added to the new website.

Social update

  • The flyer for the annual Pickwick holiday lights competition will be sent out after Thanksgiving. Judging will take place on December 16 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Mike will get prices for new signs for movie nights, the lights competition, etc.

Old business:

  • The board will revisit several issues in the spring:
    • Drainage options for the parks, such as dry creek beds
    • Tree planting
    • Gutter covers for the pavilion
    • Frisbee golf course

The meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting: 7:00 p.m. on December 11 at Canton Brew Works (8251 Lilley Road).  All are welcome to attend and get involved!

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