Pickwick Village Homeowner Association Board Monthly HOA Meeting February 17, 2021

Pickwick Village Homeowner Association Board

Monthly HOA Meeting

February 17, 2021


Attendance (absent members are highlighted)

President: Stacey Krum

Vice President: Katy Marquart

Treasurer: Karen Ryan

Secretary: Emily Kagey

Beautification: Mike Tykoski

By Laws: Kurt Richter

Welcoming: Kristin Noel 

Social Media: Kyle Stone


Guests: Bob Cieslak, Wesley Krum, Aakash Patwa, 


The virtual meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.


President’s report:

  • Stacey provided updates on two projects discussed at the previous meeting: Solar lights have been installed on the Barchester island, and signs warning residents of potentially icy conditions have been placed by the South Park path.
  • Karen and Stacey have been in contact with a homeowner who has one of the outstanding liens; the property is selling, so the lien should be cleared soon. 
  • Snowplowing was an issue during the large snow we had this month. Many board members were in frequent contact with the plow company throughout the first day after the large snowfall; and while the results were not quite as fast as we would hope, they have now completed all plowing. 
  • Stacey was contacted by Michael Toth, who owns MT Lawn Care LLC. His son would like to submit a quote for plowing in the future. (Update: Michael has also contacted the board since the February meeting to inquire about submitting a quote for mowing, mulch, trimming, and spring/fall cleanups.)

Vice President’s report:

  • No report.



  • No report. Minutes were approved via email.


Treasurer’s Report

  • As of the meeting time, approximately 100 houses had paid their annual dues. Use of the online payment system has been comparable to last year’s usage, so far. 
  • The budget is on track. For a copy of the budget, please contact treasurer@pickwickvillage.org



  • No report.



  • Mike was in frequent (almost every hour) contact with the plow company during the heavy snowfall. Our contract does not specify a time by which plowing must be completed, but rather says it must be done in a “reasonable amount of time.” Mike is working with the company to better define what is reasonable. They did get the snow completely cleared within 24 hours of start of snow. It wasn’t what we were hoping for, but this contract with this company was the result of a last-minute change that was out of the board’s control. 
  • Mike suggested that, as the dues increase, the board may want to look into putting more money toward plowing, as this is an area where residents are frequently concerned, so would warrant greater investment. 
  • Mike is going to talk to Charlie (of J. Averie) and Matt (of Swifty) to clarify what we’d like for the future and see what can be done.  



  • One house in the subdivision sold at the end of December; the new owners will receive their welcome package soon.
  • One house sold on February 8 (but had not yet posted as sold as of meeting time). One house is for sale by owner, and one house is pending sale.   


Social media

  • One pavilion reservation has come through for the spring/summer.


Old business

  • Mike will review the contract with Reliable for the South Park drainage and work with Karen to send payment for the deposit.
    • Mike suggested that the board go with the larger, more complete project; rather than spend approximately $5,000 to perhaps only partially fix the problem, it may be worthwhile to spend the full amount (closer to $9,000) for the full scope of what Reliable suggests.
    • The board was in agreement with this plan.  
    • Board members also would like to purchase river birches for the South Park as a continued approach to supporting better drainage. 


New business

  • Prior to the meeting, Karen and Mike provided drafts of the 2021 budget. Board members will review the draft and work on finalizing the budget and plans for future projects at the March meeting. 
  • Katy suggested that the board begin planning dates for summer events. Katy and Stacey will meet to begin planning, and the board will discuss at the March meeting.


Remarks from visitors

  • Bob thanked the board for efforts to address the South Park drainage. He also reported that the snow plow company left a large pile of snow and ice blocking part of his driveway and the street. He understood that they were likely in a hurry, but requested that snow be distributed to more, smaller piles if another large snow comes again.
  • Aakash thanked the board for welcoming him and his wife. They are very excited to be part of this neighborhood.


The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m. 


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, HOA Board meetings are being held virtually. The next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17, 2021. For a link to join the meeting, email president@pickwickvillage.org.


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