Pickwick Village Homeowner Association Board Virtual Meeting, May 13, 2020

Attendance (absent members are highlighted)
President: Stacey Krum
Vice President: Katy Marquart
Treasurer: Karen Willis
Secretary: Emily Kagey
Beautification: Jason Willis
By-Laws: Mike Tykoski
Welcoming: Kristin Noel
Social Media: Kyle Stone
Guest: Charlie Schmidt – J. Averie Landscape Management

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

President’s report:

  • A resident expressed concerns about drainage in the south park. Flooding is causing mud accumulation on the path and creating slippery conditions.
    • Jason received an estimate several years ago to handle the drainage issue in the park, but it was voted down in a subdivision-wide vote.
    • Maybe get a group of us together and volunteers to complete some of this work.
    • Potential ideas:
      • French drain/pipe leading to the main drain around and near the playscape
      • Pea gravel or small rock edge extending 2 – 3 feet out from playscape edging all the way around or in space between edging and sidewalk
      • Move small bubble climber into open space inside the wood chipped area of the playscape
      • Straighten trashcan
      • Move picnic table to a dryer area
    • Jason will get estimates for an option.
  • A few trees in the parks have died (3 in the south park and one in the north park).
    • Jason will take down the tree in the north park.
  • The bench at the north park tiny library has been repaired.
  • The board will schedule a date in the near future to remove dead trees, move the bubble climber, and provide other upkeep in the south park.

Vice President’s report:

  • No report


  • Minutes were approved via email.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Karen has collected all but three outstanding special assessment payments from last year. There are currently only 15 outstanding payments for 2020 HOA dues. Residents will have until May 30 to make payments for 2020 dues this year, to provide flexibility while residents cope with the COVID19 pandemic.
  • Karen reviewed the votes from the questionnaire that went out with dues announcements, asking if residents would be interested in a paper or electronic newsletter. The votes were about 50/50.
  • The board reviewed the 2020 budget and made minor adjustments to reflect expected expenses.
  • The treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.


  • Mike responded to a resident who was asking for a letter indicating that the subdivision does not have any guidelines for new paving, beyond the city guidelines.


  • The board approved getting quotes to add mulch to level out the playscapes (approximately 2 inches).


  • Two houses sold in April 2020. Welcome packages have not yet been delivered, due to social distancing measures. Three houses are currently on the market.


  • The annual sub-wide picnic is tentatively scheduled for August 1. All Year Rentals and Kona Ice Truck have been scheduled to come.

New business

  • The annual sub-wide picnic is tentatively scheduled for August 1. All Year Rentals and Kona Ice Truck have been scheduled to come
  • A motion was made to purchase a metal bench for the south park tiny library (estimated cost: $80 to $100). The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Old business

  • The board approved a new lawn and snow contract with J. Averie Landscape Management via email vote. The new contract is for $15,000 for one year of lawn care and snow removal. Lawn care includes mowing both parks, the Lilley boulevard and 5 islands; removal of grass clippings from paved surfaces; application of lawn care three times a season; weeding of the Barchester island (monthly); and garbage removal from North and South Park waste bins. Snow includes plowing once 2” of snow has fallen, and salt application and intersections and entryways to the subdivision (no limit to the number of visits).
  • The board approved, via email vote, the addition of fresh mulch to the Barchester Island

Remarks from visitors:

  • Charlie thanked the board for letting him join us and for selecting his company work with Pickwick. He told board members to contact him directly with any questions, comments, or concerns.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45. The next meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 10 in the North Park Pavilion (location tentative, dependent on social distancing guidelines in place).

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