Pickwick Village Homeowner Association Board Meeting Minutes for Nov. 20, 2019

Attendance (absent members are highlighted)
President: Stacey Krum
Vice President: Katy Marquart
Treasurer: Karen Willis
Secretary: Emily Kagey Beautification: Jason Willis
By-Laws: Mike Tykoski
Welcoming: Kristin Noel
Social Media: Kyle Stone

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

President’s report: No report

Vice President’s report: No report


  • Minutes were approved over email.
  • Action item: Emily will begin uploading past meeting minutes to the Google Drive.
  • Treasurer’s Report:
  • The treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.
  • Seven homeowners have not yet paid the special assessment, and one homeowner has not paid the 2019 regular dues. Karen is planning to go door-to-door to discuss outstanding dues with these homeowners.
  • Action item: Letters giving notice of pending liens will be mailed by November 30 via certified mail, with a deadline of December 31.
  • Karen is hoping to set up a Wave account before spring to email dues invoices for 2020. This free software enables the board to track all payments, invoices, etc. electronically.

By-Laws: No Report


  • Action item: Stacey will take down the “Drive safely” signs for the winter and store them until spring.
  • The last mow has been completed for the season, and the landscaping crew trimmed the shrubs on the Barchester island. They will trim the grasses first thing in the spring, and then trim them in the fall going forward.
  • Thank you to Pickwick resident Steve Dingman, who recently repaired the bench by the tiny library.


  • A recent home sale fell through after the posted sale date, so Kristin will begin waiting more than 30 days after the sale date to deliver the welcoming gift.
  • Four houses in the neighborhood are currently for sale.
  • Action item: Three houses have sold recently; Kristin will deliver their gift in December.
  • Action item: Kristin will update the Welcome letter to include a request that new neighbors email the board with their email address and phone number, so we can keep them up-to-date on neighborhood happenings. Social
  • The Facebook group continues to grow.

Old Business

  • Action item: The Google drive is now accessible to all board members. The treasurer will upload the Dues spreadsheet, and the secretary will upload past minutes.
  • Action item: To ensure consistency in communication, either the president or the secretary will respond to emails to the general board address, to confirm that the message has been received and that the appropriate officer will respond; the message will then be directed to the appropriate officer as needed.
  • The meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on December 11 at Canton Brew Works. All are welcome to attend and get involved.

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