Update: The Canton Township Local Roads Program

The Canton Township Local Roads Program that was approved last year is a 20 year program.  Under that program the projects to fix our residential subdivision roads will fall under two basic categories, those requiring a percentage match of money from the Homeowners Association (HOA), and those that do not require a match. 

In 2019, catch basins (i.e. drains) north of Ford road are going to be repaired / replaced.  Pickwick Village is one of the subs that will have it’s drains redone. 

The attached map shows the locations of these drains. 

This work will not require any additional money from our subdivision.  It is being done using the additional taxes collected from the increase to our property taxes that resulted from the passage of the roads program.  

I believe Hanford road is to be totally redone as part of this no-match work as well.

In addition to this no-match work, our HOA has also submitted a letter of interest to the Township stating that we would be interested in participating in a percentage match project.  The letter is non-binding, meaning it would require a vote of all HOA members to proceed.  These projects will replace sections of roads.  If we are selected for one of these projects we will announce a meeting to discuss in more detail.  The project would be a $200,000 project with a 20% match, meaning we would need to do a special assessment for $40,000 and if that passes, it would be about $140 per household.  

If you have questions or comments please come to the Annual Meeting on June 21st in the North Park.

Jim Leddy – Pickwick Village HOA President

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